Thailand’s most unique island nightlife

Island hoppers know that when the sun goes down, the islands come to life. So, here’s our roundup of the most unique nightlife destinations and experiences waiting for you on the Thai islands, in no particular order.

Hippie Bars in Tonsai, Krabi

Some effort is required to get to Tonsai Beach on Krabi’s Railay Peninsula, resulting in somewhat fewer people than you’d find on a busy night in the main tourist town of Ao Nang. To get there take a longtail boat from Ao Nang or walk through jungle pathways from Railay West Beach. Once you get there, Tonsai is a hippie haven and truly a unique experience. Lounge on Thai-style triangle pillows as you enjoy drinks on the beach. You’ll have a sick view of the limestone cliffs, green ocean and mangrove forests nearby.

Photo: Tonsai / Swifant

Bangla Road in Phuket

Unlike our other stops on this nightlife list, this Phuket hot spot isn’t on the beach. Bangla Road is Phuket’s main nightlife strip, and yes, pun definitely intended. The infamous street has open-air strip clubs mixed in with massive clubs pumping techno beats and small dive bars with live music. There’s something for everyone here, and a walk down this street is an experience in itself – you’ll see all types of characters from brawny Euro dudes to statuesque transgender queens. As you walk down the street stop to check out the 3D experience booths, strength competitions, break dancers and magicians.

Photo: Bangla Road

Koh Tao Pub Crawl

The Koh Tao Pub Crawl takes you on a tour of the best spots on Koh Tao, starting with Chopper’s Bar & Grill. Don your free tank top and take a swig from your bottle and off you go. Feel free to dress up in the craziest gear you can fit in your backpack. Last time we joined this hard-partying crew we saw fairies, several tarzans covered in glitter and a few frat boys. Oh wait, those weren’t costumes.

Photo: Khao Tao Pub Crawl

Partying on the Beach of Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi’s all-night beach parties are a thing of legend. Music reverberates across the sand and you can’t help but get into the party vibe. You might even be tempted to try flaming jump rope. There are a lot less people here than at the Full Moon Party and this party scene has a real backpacker/traveler vibe. You can actually meet people and make friends that will last a lifetime, or at least until you bump into them again at a hostel in Krabi!

Photo: Slinky Bar on Koh Phi Phi

Sramanora Waterfall Party

You’re expecting us to say the Full Moon Party, right? It is the reason so many travelers come to Thailand, after all. But there are so many other parties on Koh Phangan, each with a different culture and vibe. To really experience Koh Phangan‘s island counter culture head to the Sramanora Waterfall Party. House and techno DJs come from all over the world to play here. The party takes place in the jungle near a waterfall 2 days before the Full Moon Party and again 2 days after. It’s a great crowd with everyone vibing to the beat and feeling the energy of the jungle.

Photo: Sramanora Waterfall Party

Header Photo: Sramanora Waterfall Party

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