Unexpectedly amazing non-Thai restaurants from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan

If there’s one island hopping route with amazing food it’s got to be the famous archipelago of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. Here’s our roundup of the best non-Thai meals to try when you’re hankering for something decidedly non-local.

Gringo’s on Koh Samui

The Tex-Mex loving owner of this Koh Samui hot spot might be far from his home, but he has brought the flavors, and the spirit, of Mexican-American cuisine, with him all the way to the Gulf of Thailand. Come for a round of tacos and cold beers and stay for the sizzling fajitas.

Find it: Gringo’s

Facebook / Duomo Ristorante

Duomo on Koh Samui

This Italian eatery has been making a name for itself on Koh Samui for decades. It’s best known for authentic wood fired pizzas and decadent pastas. We recommend eating everything Thai style, aka sharing each dish, so you get to try even more of the menu.

Find it: Duomo

Facebook / La Fabrique Koh Samui

La Fabrique French Bakery on Koh Samui

A proper French bakery right near Lamai Beach? It sounds odd, but this breezy bakery filled with warm pastries and strong coffee fits right into any beach itinerary. It’s a great stop during the hottest part of the day, when the sun on Koh Samui is ready to burn you to a crisp. Have a crispy croissant instead!

Find it: La Fabrique French Bakery

L’Alcove on Koh Phangan

Staying with the French theme, one of our all time favorite restaurants on the islands is L’Alcove on Koh Phangan‘s west coast. It’s a cozy enclave of authentic French dishes cooked with fresh, local Thai ingredients (and some great imported meats and cheeses, of course). The meat platter goes great with an ice cold Singha beer.

Find it: L’Alcove

Facebook / Barracuda

Barracuda on Koh Tao

This restaurant wins for best group dinner atmosphere. Gather your friends at Barracuda for the start to a fun night on Koh Tao. The Western fusion food is a mix of English, American and Australian influences using delicious local seafood. Everything is cooked fresh to order, so expect to be amazed by the freshness. Go for the barracuda or snapper in a Thai fusion style. (Yes, we know this is about international food but it’s always a yes when it comes to Thai spice!)

Find it: Barracuda

Facebook / Hippo Burger Bistro

Hippo Burger Bistro on Koh Tao

We’ve expressed our love for snacking and now we’re admitting that we love burgers. But can you blame us? Luckily for you, one of the best island burgers is on Koh Tao at Hippo Burger Bistro. Each patty is lovingly made with high quality beef and prepared just how you like it. In between getting some island thrills, we highly recommend making a stop here.

Find it: Hippo Burger Bistro

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