Siam Island Hopper Episode 6: Koh Phangan


On the final episode of Siam Island Hopper we hit the beautiful shores of Koh Phangan. But we didn’t stop at the beach. From water slides to longtail boat rides and local food, we did it all. And in true Koh Phangan style, each day ended in an epic party.

Thanks to the infamous Full Moon Party, each month the island attracts tens of thousands of revelers from all corners of the globe. But Full Moon isn’t the not the only party on the island.  We danced at house music at the Waterfall Party, and joined the crowds in the middle of the forest for the Jungle Experience before we ended our journey dancing ont he beach all night at the Full Moon Party.

Come along and discover the hidden gems, amazing parties and peaceful beaches of Koh Phangan. You’ll soon see that this island is anything you want it to be!

Locations Day 1

Slip N Fly

Sramanora Waterfall Party

Locations Day 2

Koh Phangan Stand Up Paddleboard

Breeze Kiteboarding

Jungle Experience

Locations Day 3

Koh Maa & Mae Haad Beach

Chao Mae Guan Im Shrine

Full Moon Party