Paradise with a Punch – Experience Muay Thai on Koh Lanta

For many visitors to Thailand, it’s love at first sight with Muay Thai, the country’s national sport. After the first minute or two watching a fight, spectators easily get caught up in the infectious energy of Muay Thai. Pulsing music, bright colored satin, men shouting out bets; everything comes together in an exciting frenzy that leaves people hooked. Get in on the action yourself in a stunning setting, and enroll in some Muay Thai classes on Koh Lanta. Not only will you get a fierce cardio workout, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a beloved part of Thai culture first hand.

Koh Lanta is a postcard worthy Muay Thai hub and home to the famous Klong Dao Stadium. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran looking to train professionally, Koh Lanta is a prime destination. Getting to the beautiful island is painless; take an hour flight from Bangkok to Krabi, then hop on a speedboat for another quick hour jaunt. Before you know it, you’ll be checking into your hotel to rest up before your first epic Muay Thai experience.

Once you’re all settled into your hotel, head to one of Koh Lanta’s outdoor gyms. Lanta International Muay Thai Academy is one of the island’s most popular establishments. Owned and managed by former world champion William Decha Rodraksa, the gym trains Muay Thai enthusiasts of all age ranges and skill levels. Training can cost as little as 400 THB per day or purchased in packages depending on how serious you want to get. Stop by for a walk-in session and see how you like the place, or go all in and book a month’s worth of training online. Keep close to your training at all times and stay at one of the gym’s two comfortable resorts.

Make sure to drink plenty of water before showing up to train, you’re going to need it. Not only is Muay Thai one of the most intense sports out there, it’s even more challenging thanks to the tropical Thai climate. After a few rounds of sparring, you’ll be glad to be located on an island paradise where crystal blue ocean is never too far away. Reward yourself for the sweat sessions and enjoy a well-deserved break on the white sand beach.

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