Beachside snacks we can’t live without

You’ve been snorkeling all day on Koh Phi Phi and a monkey just stole your pre-packed sandwich. Don’t get hangry, these unbeatable beach snacks are surely within reach.

When in the south of Thailand, seafood is where it’s at. Each province has their specialities and you’ll probably see fresh fish, crab and squid displayed along every beach from Krabi to Koh Samui. While you can’t really go wrong with any bustling food stall or busy restaurant, these seafood snacks are a few of our favorites.

Beach goers are obsessed with grilled squid or pla muek yang, and grilled ocean shrimp, or kung talay pow. A staple in every beach diet, the grilled, charred seafood is a perfect mid-day snack. The fresh seafood is laid out on charcoal grills until cooked through, then served steaming hot with Thai style seafood sauce.

Get your hands dirty peeling those shrimp and don’t be afraid to make a mess splashing seafood sauce all over your pla muek. The fresh seafood is basically a vehicle to consume as much of the garlicky, spicy, citrusy sauce as possible.

If you’re an adventurous eater, and we assume you are, indulge in some local blood cockles. These morbid little morsels are best drenched in seafood sauce and consumed while sitting on the sand at sunset with a group of friends. Don’t get turned off by the dark reddish color of the little shelled critters. Locals love them and you will too.

If you’re sweaty, salty and craving something sweet, chances are there’s a roti stand within walking distance. While these stalls can feel a bit too ubiquitous, something about a hot, buttery roti topped with condensed milk just hits the spot. Yes, there’s a reason these roti stands dot every beachfront in Thailand.

Another sweet snack to make its mark on Thai beaches is the French style crepe. At your local roadside crepe cart (and there are tons) choose from sweet ingredients like Nutella, peanut butter, bananas, chocolate sauce, caramel, condensed milk, strawberry jam, pineapple jam or blueberry jam and sprinkles.

Savory favorites include a fried egg, hot dog slices, imitation crab, ketchup, ham or the Thai favorite, prik pao and moo hong: Thai chili paste and dried shredded pork. You can even add cheese or cashews. Each crepe is made to order and the combo of ingredients is up to you. Go nuts! *starts salivating*

If you’re in Phuket, try the coconut crepes by the original Thai crepe maker Ahpong Mae Sunee. Her stall at the intersection of Yaowarat and Dibuk roads is pretty famous in Phuket. These crepes are eaten on their own without any filling. Light, crunchy and not overly sweet, we’ll file them under: Snacks we could eat by the dozen.

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